is the launchpad of shirt businesses. was founded in September 2014 when our founder’s shirt business failed because of excess inventory. Many people loved his designs, but they were not enough to generate a profit. This propelled us to create a platform that removes this risk (and hassle).

Entrepreneurs and graphic designers use our platform to start a shirt business from the comfort of their home - risk free and hassle free. These “store owners” sell thousands of shirts to diverse niche markets you are most probably part of - like your school, your alumni association or your favorite band’s fan base. Many of these store owners had their first entrepreneurial experience at, and helping them grow is what we are most passionate about.

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Meet the Team

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James Fernando


Team david 7c555f89e206c1a63d01abfdf76ff4914d258c24639a260aab734ea904eeb8fc

David Marquez


Team adrielle fe58696ba376513bb5558321fd499cad83db5d7526aa2ba79cc06f324e4ebe42

Adrielle Porte


Team kervin 9afc635aca50367243b73491c1f11a4204799b48d202e77d86fe11d3df6319ed

Kervin Tan

Front-end Designer

Team caitlin 46b95294c9fa00570a7b358b959230274b12b686f33b70dbf6f622addde9ecd1

Caitlin Jurado

Internal Customer Relationship Manager

Team anthony 42681e4d15e0ec7d37d61820968f4e028554e69f1ddaf1f3d1974637471a9ab0

Anthony Villa

Content Specialist

Team rey 29dbde455298b3544cac1222184c3c84b4a40efccd2f02005fae5c740cb683a1

Rey Mendoza

Logistics Associate

Team miggy d62f45ac95988c7add731a57066a3e10353a504ca50c4d52437e3ba95510d213

Miggy Antonio

Supply Chain Head

Team sam ac46b8c9d1f840e8bc117deaa746e5d0c576bcb1d9719f66a72f7a118f112c00

Sam Tabilin

Supply Chain Associate

Team kyle 9efb99afdd440fd0621a3f58d2f9e3b68fd4cad409801b002026403693d06a04

Kyle Lasalita

Customer Relationship Head

Team uela 715774ced5a1c4a7b28242dd7e786688ee1b6b174ba7e0ad6ae796c1a58a156d

Uela Glaris Lim

Account Manager

Team thesa 4a8a44dd8cb2c0088db51f011972999ee7ccb6cbe37b88637473587e37fac6db

Thessa Olayres

Marketing Design Associate

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