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Printing Methods:


  • Screen printing is ideal for bulk orders as cost per unit goes down as the volume to be produced increases.
  • Cost is also dependent on the number of colors of the design. Increasing volumevwill help reduce this cost.
  • Gradients, halftones, and fine details to a certain extent are possible with this method.
  • Minimum order quantity for this method is 100pcs. Any quantity lower than this may incur additional charges for the screens.


  • Vinyl printing is ideal for lower volume orders. There is no MOQ for this method so the cost is solely dependent on the design.
  • This method can yield various print effects such as rubberized, metallic, and gamuza


  • Like vinyl printing, this method has no MOQ. It is the lightest printing method as the ink is embedded into the fabric.
    (Think tattoos on fabric) It is the method most suited for sportswear such as drifit shirts.
  • The number of colors is not a factor in costing. Cost is based on the size of the print on the shirt. Currently though, full garment sublimation is not yet available.


Size chart link.
Available garment colors link.

General Information:

  1. will reply within 24 hours after the quotation request is sent; given that is sent on a weekday and within 48 hours if sent on a weekend.
  2. Indicating a deadline on the quotation request form does not guarantee that we can commit to the specified date. Lead time usually depends on the volume of the project and if there are any revisions to the project. Orders may take a maximum of 2 weeks though we do our best to get your shirts to you at the earliest possible time.
  3. Special requests such as specific garments, (raglans, tanktops, etc...) specific cuts, (lady’s shirt cut, etc…) or colors other than those readily available and offered by shirtly are possible, but may take longer as these will have to be custom made
  4. Down payment of 50% is required. The other 50% upon delivery of the order. Production will not start until the 50% down payment has been made.
  5. Revisions to the project such as color, design, and design placement, will no longer be entertained once the 50% down payment has been made. If client wishes to really pursue said revisions, it will be treated as a new project.
  6. Sample shirts may be requested at a cost. This however is only ideal for projects via sublimation or vinyl. It is possible for screenprinting but cost will be high in order for the materials for the screen to be covered.

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