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Part-time Shirtpreneur, Full-time Dad

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  1. So you have a day job, a business, and you’re a dad. Sounds like you’re juggling 3 full time jobs. What’s that like?

    It's wearying but fulfilling! Super fulfilling. Why are you asking? Planning to start a family?
    (Answer: No, it’s for this interview -_-)

  2. When it comes to business decisions, how does family get into the picture, if at all? And if so, can you cite examples both related to work and to The 175?

    When it comes to business decisions, hindi naman sagabal ang pamilya. In fact, super supportive family ko. Mayroon lang talagang times na dapat nauuna ang family, like when there's an emergency. Otherwise they're super cool with it; they feel proud, I guess.

  3. Why a t-shirt business?

    T-shirts are a medium perfect for expressing ideas.

  4. Why did you and your team decide to start The 175 Apparel?

    It's really the brainchild of the founding team! I jumped on board because I believe in the cause of making our languages cool again.

  5. What’s next for you?

    Next for us is federalism, I think. Haha. Not Duterte federalism. Seriously, gusto ko 'yong vision that the major languages are represented sa The 175.

    To be honest, wala akong plans na malupit. Just want to learn more lang in the next couple of years.

  6. Given that you have a lot of priorities, how has shirt.ly enabled you to be a shirtpreneur, while not sacrificing time with family & your day job?

    The good thing about shirt.ly is that 'yong marketing aspect lang dapat ang kailangang asikasuhin. So it saves a lot of time vs. spreading ourselves too thin, getting into production, logistics, etc.

    For example, when we tried to handle production ourselves, we had to manually count and quality check hundreds of shirts, which took hours even with 3 people on the job. This one time, we even had to quality check the sizes of EACH shirt using a measuring tape.

    When shirt.ly says “hassle-free” they mean it and we had to learn the hard way what it’s like to not have someone like shirt.ly handle production & operations for us.

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